Vision and Mission

The Seacoast Peace Academy envisions a sustainable culture of peaceful relationships.

Our mission is to develop and encourage communities of learning that foster and enhance a sustainable culture of peaceful relationships in the Greater Seacoast Region of New Hampshire and Maine.

The Seacoast Peace Academy is a non-partisan, principle-based community of learning that believes that peace is the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures and the earth. These relationships are inclusive, non-violent, respectful and enduring. They are expressed as the Five Interrelated and Interdependent Spheres of Peace which include the personal, the social, the political, the institutional and the ecological.

We are inspired by theNational Peace Academy.

Peacebuilding in Action

A Night of a Thousand Conversations at the Black Heritage Trail, Portsmouth Cultural Center. Members of the Seacoast community witness testimony by those who have experienced injustice on the streets and design action plans relative to our region.

The Seacoast Peace Academy 2013