Seacoast Peace Academy is comprised of a group of committed, concerned peace educators, community activists and partnership building organizers.

Melinda Salazar is a peace and sustainability educator and consultant, an artist and co-founder of Teaching Peace Conferences. A former Social Studies teacher at the Oyster River High School, the UNH Women’s Studies Program, and Western New Mexico University Masters in Teaching Program, she lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Alex Herlihy is a historian, educator, founder and organizer of the Russian Exchange Program and the Portsmouth/Severodvinsk Connection. Alex is recently retired from teaching at the Oyster River High School in Durham, NH. He is an active citizen in Rye Historical Society in Rye, NH where he lives with his family and dogs.

Kay Morgan is the Directory of the New Hampshire Heritage Project & North Country Stories. A published author, educator, andpeace activist Kay is a co-founder of The Teaching Peace Conferences. She llives in Durham, N.H. where she taught in the English Department at the Oyster River High School.

20130815 Tammi Truax 25

Tammi Truax, of Eliot, ME. is a writer of prose and poetry for children and adults. She works for the Portsmouth Schools, the NewHampshire Humanities Council, and the NH Black Heritage Trail.


  • Pinetree Institutein Eliot, Maine provided spiritual, emotional, and material support to launch, support and sustain us during our early years.
  • The Grassroots Fund provided us with a generous grant to grow our capacity and to fund our speakers and programs.
  • The Portsmouth Public Library provides us with a physical space within which to hold our public gatherings.
  • The Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail, Seacoast African American Cultural Center and The Truth Telling Project are our collaborators.

The Seacoast Peace Academy 2013