Favorite Links

  • Yes! Magazine In Truth and Reconciliation, First Things First—The Truth. Truth-telling needs to come first before we can begin to heal the racial divide and redress past harms.
  • The Whitney Plantation Slavery Museum
    Within the boundaries of the “Habitation Haydel”, as the Whitney Plantation was originally known, the story of the Haydel family of German immigrants and the slaves that they held were intertwined. In 2014, the Whitney Plantation opened its doors to the public for the first time in its 262 year history as the only plantation museum in Louisiana with a focus on slavery. Through museum exhibits, memorial artwork and restored buildings and hundreds of first-person slave narratives, visitors to Whitney will gain a unique perspective on the lives of Louisiana's enslaved people.
  • Building the First Slavery Museum in America
    ‘Is it an art gallery? A plantation tour? A museum? It’s almost this astonishing piece of performance art, and as great art does, it makes you stop and wonder.’
  • Telling the Story of Slavery
    Discussing the legacy of slavery in America is still a complex and difficult conversation to have. How do we confront this horrible and defining period of our shared history?
  • Occupy NHSeacoast
    Updates about Black Lives Matters events

The Seacoast Peace Academy 2013